Get Ticker

Ticker is an overview of the market status of a trading pair, including the latest trade price, top bid and ask prices and 24-hour trading volume (Authentication type:NONE, See Interface Permission)

Request Format


Request Limit

See Detailed Rate Limit

Request Parameter

Field Type Required? Description
symbol String No Trading pair symbol (Optional, return ticker data of all trading pairs by default)


Request example


Response Data

Field Type Description
symbol string Trading pair
last_price string Latest price
base_volume_24h string 24-hour trade volume in base currency
quote_volume_24h string 24-hour trade volume in quote currency
high_24h string 24-hour highest price
open_24h string 24-hour open price
low_24h string 24-hour lowest price
close_24h string 24-hour close price
fluctuation string 24-hour price change
best_ask string top ask price
best_ask_size string Size of top ask order
best_bid string top bid price
best_bid_size string Size of top bid order
url string Link to the trading page on BitMart


  1. If no corresponding trading pair is found, this trading pair has been delisted.

  2. If the Symbol parameter is not passed, the default query is all the data, and the data is cached for 5 minutes. If you need to query real-time data, pass the Symbol parameter.

Example of returned data format


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