Get K-Line

Get k-line data within a specified time range of a specified trading pair (Authentication type:NONE, See Interface Permission)

Request Format


Request Limit

See Detailed Rate Limit

Request Parameter

Field Type Required? Description
symbol string Yes Trading pair symbol
from long Yes Start timestamp (in seconds, UTC+0 TimeZome)
to long Yes End timestamp (in seconds, UTC+0 TimeZome)
step long No k-line step Steps (in minutes, default 1 minute)

Request example


Response Data

Field Type Description
kline List K-Line data


Request K-Line data will return up to 500 records. If more than 500 is requested, server will return an empty array.

Description of k-line details field:

Field Type Description
last_price string Current price
timestamp long Timestamp (in seconds, UTC+0 TimeZome)
volume string Total volume
high string Highest price
low string Lowest price
open string Open price
close string Close price

Example of returned data format


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