API Basic Information

  1. The interface may require the user's API Key. For how to create an API-KEY, please refer to here API KEY Interface Authentication.
  2. RESTful API URL: https://api-cloud.bitmart.com (Please use https://api-cloud.bitmart.news in HongKong).
  3. The responses of all interfaces are in JSON format.

HTTP Response Codes

  • HTTP 4XX Error codes are used to indicate wrong request content, behavior, and format. The problem is from the request sender.
  • HTTP 403 The error code indicates a violation of the restriction (prohibited call).
  • HTTP 429 The error code indicates that the access frequency is overrun and the IP will be blocked.
  • HTTP 418 The error code indicates that the IP has been blocked after error code 429.
  • HTTP 5XX Error codes are used to indicate problems with BitMart server.

    API Returned Codes

    When using the interface, HTTP 200 means that the client has submitted a request to the business core through the gateway and it has returned information, but it does not mean that the business request is successful. It may have been executed, or the execution may fail, and further confirmation is required at this time. Please pay attention to the code field in the returned data.

    For details, please refer to Error Code List

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