Product Dictionary


Field Description Details
currency Currency Currency refers to the basic unit that can be transferred in and out, such as BTC, ETH, EOS, etc
symbol_id Trading pair id The unique number of the trading pair, such as the ID of BTC_USDT is 53, mainly used in the Websocket interface
symbol Trading pair name Consists of base and quote currency. Taking BTC_USDT as an example, BTC is the base currency, and USDT is the quote currency. Trading pairs are mainly used in spot trading


Field Description Details
contract_id Contract ID The contract ID is the basic unit of contract trading, including the target currency and margin type. Take BTC-USDT as an example, BTC is the target currency, and USDT is the margin type. It could be further divided into USD margin and USDT margin types

Order and Trade ID

Field Description Details
order_id Order number, the order ID under the same currency pair of each business line is unique
trade_id The unique number of the trade


The time returned by the system is all in the form of time pinches.

Field Description
s_t accurate to seconds of timestamp
ms_t accurate to milliseconds of timestamp

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