Rate Limit Q&A

1.Is there a limit to how often the API is called per second?

Answer: There are limits, specific can see the menu bar 'Rate Limit' in each interface access frequency limit.

2."why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA?" comes up on the call

Answer: This time, the IP was intercepted because it was accessed too much from a different environment and was considered an attack by the system. It is recommended that you do not share IP and that applications be accessed using a separate IP.Second, use the browser to call the interface and select 'I am Human' to submit to unrestrict as prompted on the page.


3.How is the HTTP status code 429 created?

Answer: The request interface exceeds the access frequency limit. It is recommended to reduce the access frequency.

4.Will API call interfaces be blocked if they exceed the access frequency? How long letter?

Answer: No, just reduce the access frequency.

5.Access interface error overclocking, how to solve?

Answer: Reduce the frequency of access. Each interface of the document has a frequency description. You need to lower the request frequency to the frequency description.

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