1. How to apply for APIKEY?

Answer: API application site: https://www.bitmart.com/api After successful application on the website, please keep your access key, secret key and memo. Users in Hong Kong may also have faster access through https://www.bitmart.news/api.

2. Can I retrieve the secret key of APIKEY?

Answer: No, you will need to create new APIKEY.

3. Is there any risk of authorizing APIKEY to a third party?

Answer: This will create some risk, and it is recommended to keep it yourself for account security.

4. Can I apply for APIKEY without binding my phone or Google?

Answer: No, you must bind more than 2 security items to apply for APIKEY.

5. When creating an APIKEY, do I have to bind an IP address?

Answer: It is not necessary. The option to bind IP when applying for APIKEY is optional, but in order to increase the security of user accounts, it is recommended to bind the IP address.

6. Will different APIKEYs in the same account return different data?

Answer: Different APIKEY data under the same account is the same.

7. How many Api Keys can I apply for in one account?

Answer: Each account can create 5 sets of Api keys, and each Api Key can be set up with 3 permissions, namely read-only, trade and withdrawal, three types of permissions. Details:

 1) Read-only permission: Read the user's own trading information, order information, account capital information, etc.

 2) Trade permission: Users can place orders and cancel orders in spot and contract.

 3) Withdrawal permission: The user can withdraw the balance of the wallet to the digital currency address outside the exchange.

8. How to fill information in when applying for APIKEY?

Answer: Fill in according to the prompt on the web page, and the memo can be filled in at will by the user; the secret key must be remembered, and it will be used when calling the API interface; binding IP is not required, but it is recommended for account security; API permissions can be checked based on user needs.

9. What is memo?

Answer: Memo is provided by users themselves. It will be used in the signing of the interface.

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