Get Contract Ticker

Get contract ticker (Authentication type: NONE, See Interface Permission)

Request Format


Request Limit

See Detailed Rate Limit

Request Parameter

Field Type Required? Description
contractID long No Contract ID, if the contract ID parameter is empty, it means to get all contracts


If the contract ID does not exist, tickers will return empty.

Request example


Response Data

Field Type Description
last_price string Last trade price
open string Opening price of the day
close string Closing price of the day
low string Lowest price of the day
high string Highest price of the day
avg_price string Average price
volume string The last trade volume, number of contracts. If you want to display the btc trade volume, you need to multiply the volume by the size of the contract
total_volume string 24-hour total volume, number of contracts
base_coin_volume string Volume in base coin (base coin is the first coin in the trading pair)
quote_coin_volume string Volume in quote coin (quote coin is the second coin in the trading pair)
timestamp long Timestamp
rise_fall_rate string Price change ratio
rise_fall_value string Price change value
contract_id long Contract id
position_size string Open position size
volume_day string Trading volume of the day
amount24 string 24-hour trading amount
index_price string Index price
fair_basis string Basis rate
fair_value string Basis
fair_price string Marked price
quote_rate string Funding rate of quote coin
base_rate string Funding rate of base coin
interest_rate string Interest rate
premium_index string Premium index
funding_rate string Current funding rate
next_funding_rate string Next estimated funding rate
next_funding_at string Next settlement time (UTC)


Return a list of contract tickers

Example of returned data format

  "code": 1000,
  "message": "OK",
  "data": {
    "tickers": [
        "last_price": "6277.5",
        "open": "6074.5",
        "close": "6277.5",
        "low": "6261.3",
        "high": "6279",
        "avg_price": "6274.67",
        "volume": "20000",
        "total_volume": "45462",
        "base_coin_volume": "163.9",
        "quote_coin_volume": "34555.38199999999999998882",
        "timestamp": 1534315695,
        "rise_fall_rate": "0.033",
        "rise_fall_value": "203",
        "contract_id": 1,
        "position_size": "374266",
        "volume_day": "45270",
        "amount24": "28520.77363",
        "index_price": "6406.53",
        "fair_basis": "0.000000690",
        "fair_value": "0.00442673",
        "fair_price": "6406.5344267",
        "rate": {
          "quote_rate": "0.0003",
          "base_rate": "0.0006",
          "interest_rate": "-0.00009999"
        "premium_index": "-0.0309530479798782534",
        "funding_rate": "0.0001",
        "next_funding_rate": "-0.0304530",
        "next_funding_at": "2018-08-15T08:00:01Z"

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