Query User Account Information

Query user account information (Authentication type: KEYED, See Interface Permission)

Request Format

GET https://api-cloud.bitmart.com/contract/v1/ifcontract/accounts

Request Limit

See Detailed Rate Limit

Request Parameter

Field Type Required? Description
coinCode string Yes Coin code, Example: USDT


Request example

curl https://api-cloud.bitmart.com/contract/v1/ifcontract/accounts?coinCode=USDT

Response Data

Field Type Description
account_id int Account ID
coin_code string Coin code
freeze_vol string Frozen balance
available_vol string Available balance
cash_vol string Net cash balance
realised_vol string Realised PnL
unrealised_vol string Unrealised PnL
created_at string Create time
updated_at string Update time


The user's contract account information can only be obtained after the login of the spot trading system is successful.

The request parameters are contractID and coinCode. The system is designed with multiple contracts with the same margin code sharing the same contract account.

Therefore, the interface can query the contract account number through the contract ID, or through coinCode. If neither is transmitted, all contract accounts are returned.

Example of returned data format

  "code": 1000,
  "message": "OK",
  "data": {
    "accounts": [
        "account_id": 10,
        "coin_code": "USDT",
        "freeze_vol": "1201.8",
        "available_vol": "8397.65",
        "cash_vol": "0",
        "realised_vol": "-0.5",
        "unrealised_vol": "-0.5",
        "earnings_vol": "-0.5",
        "created_at": "2018-07-13T16:48:49+08:00",
        "updated_at": "2018-07-13T18:34:45.900387+08:00"

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