Withdraw Quota

Query withdraw quota for currencies (Authentication type:KEYED, See Interface Permission)

Request Format

GET https://api-cloud.bitmart.com/account/v1/withdraw/charge

Request Limit

See Detailed Rate Limit

Request Parameter

Field Type Required? Description
currency string Yes Token symbol, e.g., 'BTC'

Request example

curl https://api-cloud.bitmart.com/account/v1/withdraw/charge?currency=BTC

Response Data

Field Type Description
today_available_withdraw_BTC String Amount available for withdrawal today, unit: BTC
min_withdraw string Minimum withdrawable amount
withdraw_precision int Withdrawal precision
withdraw_fee string Withdrawal fee


Example: When 'descriptive' =5, when a decimal point of withdrawal amount is more than 5, The system will reject the request.

Example of returned data format


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